A Four Year Revival

It’s been a while. I guess I needed some more time to get my shit together. I think I’m still getting it together; I’m just more okay with my perpetual state of internal disarray.

So what have I been up to? A lot of the colloquial ‘hanging out.’ Waited some tables. Travelled to Chicago a few times. Went back to school (well, schools). Finally put in the time and research to not entirely suck at Street Fighter. Had a few drinks along the way.

So what am I doing now, four years after a single blog post? I’d love to say that I’m posting a new entry because of a revitalized sense of purpose and passion, to stand up and say to the internet, “Hey, internet, what’s up? My name’s Rob and I have stuff to say.” The actual reason is because for four years, as much as I was filled with some smug self-important notions about having something meaningful to say, I was coming up short. A lot of people start off college like that, full of hope and confidence and a lack of real ideas and the thought that everyone wants to listen to you and your dumb theories about how the world works that you ripped off from listening to some smarter people. Well that was me, at least. But I think, this time, I might have something of substance. So bear with me.

Sorry for the delay.


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