Some Really Great Stories from Other People

Here’s a story about a town that once was (a home to families):

Pine Point

This interactive website shows video and pictures of a small mining town in Canada. The narrator revisits the town that he visited when he was young and interviews the people who lived there, profiling them both then and now.


Here’s another about a country that still is (veiled in shadow and secrecy):

North Korea

A look into one of the most bizarre countries on earth. Through pictures, the New York Times brings out what life is like in this country. The pictures work with the text to break through the wall of North Korea’s maintained public perception.


And this one, about a person that might be (a killer):

Serial: Season 1

One of the most popular podcasts around, Serial is a weekly radio show that tells the story of a murder, 1 episode at a time. Season 1 focuses on Adnan Sayed, a man who was imprisoned for the mysterious murder of his girlfriend when he was in high school.

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